Saturday, March 21, 2009

So very happy to have seen the adorable and incredibly talented Pat Hull ( last night, along with the many darling Chico peeps who accompanied him. It made me kind of wistful and nostalgic for the creative community forged in the weirdness of such a small place as that hometown of ours. The space was funny, a basement in a house complete with a tended bar, though the bar only served Pabst out of a keg and it hurt my belly to force down the aluminum taste of that stuff. I fell into the usual way, with too much inebriation making me awkward and sat by myself for awhile, until I got to the point where I just wanted to dance and made Em dance with me. But as sometimes happens, I got carried away with my enthusiastic moving and hit my mouth hard against her head and cut my lip. Seems okay today but I had blood in my mouth when I went to bed. Pat was kind to give me a CD before I left and in the morning I listened to his pretty voice and the angelic “True Love” choir comprised of all these people that I adore and miss so much. Erin and Lucas, wherever you are, I want to see you all the time, and I want meet baby Mo as I know I love him already.

Met Em for brunch at Cricket for gossip and then a nice walk in the Springtime sun peeking out of the clouds. Soon a walk to my Powell’s for a book- I finished the first part of 2666 and totally loved it but am kind of stuck now and my easily distracted brain is already searching for something new. I’ve been re-reading pieces of Pride and Prejudice nights before I fall asleep and taking a lot of comfort in my favorite little love story but maybe I should indulge the emotional masochist in me a little bit less and try on something that has nothing to do with romance. My problem is, if there’s no romance, I can barely interest myself in anything. And really, every good story is kind of a love story.

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