Friday, March 20, 2009

I found this old barely begun blog recently, after receiving some kind of spooky email in Spanish that had a link to it. Strange unexpected things have been happening lately, in a good way, and I've been trying to pay attention and pull meaning out of these little oracles, just for the fun of it. The past has been reaching out to me, and I think I could have a lot to learn by letting it catch me and not pushing it away.

Something that is nice to remember, that seeing some old friends lately and listening to them has brought to the surface:
It's worth it to indulge big-hearted messy feelings and share them with people who want to know you.

I forget to make the effort to really be with people, to let myself know them and let them know me, and I let myself be a lot more sad than I need to be. But trying to allow life in has yielded so much fun lately:

Saw an old friend play the sweetest natured show ever, that reminded me how much potential there is to make things that are whole-hearted, uncompromised, and uncynical.

Auggie and I staying up until 2 am; he was making me laugh by telling me this story about seeing this transformation of the persona of Rickie Lee Jones. It was in a concert in San Diego this time that she played two shows in one day, where she apparently sipped through a bottle of whiskey through the whole afternoon show and was very pleasant and sweet, and then, wasted, heckled the audience through the whole evening.

Rob and I shoulder dancing to "Push It" in Tiga, lit by candlelight, when Nicole played it for us.

The funny magic of "Peanut Duck" catching on all the time.

Wonderfully surprised to meet on the street outside of Jam a band of old friends from Chico who are playing a show a mere block from my house. They met me with many big hugs and invitations, so great, so weird. This place is so much smaller than I understand.

It feels so good to know: that the many complications of life are a wealth, that I can dig into them and build upon them and cherish them for what they are and that will be my way through them.

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