Sunday, November 22, 2009

I have been a busy bee! In one week I managed to get much of what I hoped for in my life coming home- to work at a local cafe, to develop a business with my hometown friend, to spend lots of time with family, to enjoy the company of old friends, to feel a part of a small community. I think I do belong here. So many things I have felt grateful for- watching "Bored to Death" with a good buddy, hiking along Northern Californian foothills and seeing birds diving and swerving through trees, sewing like crazy, kissing my sweet baby friend over and over, sending models down a walkway to a blasting soundtrack of Fever Ray, eating from a well-stocked pantry, watching West Side Story with my little sister, meeting with local designers, feeling alive and full and drunk on fun and plans for the future. It's been totally surreal and intense and I feel exhausted but ready for another week of all of it. Home. Okay. Here I go.